Adventures of Luna

For Those Who Came In Late...
Story Background

Luna is the daughter of a half-fey sorceress and the King of Myrrha. For some unknown reason, they separated when Luna was very young, and the King remarried and had children, including a son who is his heir. Luna’s mother, Selene, says little about this all.

One day Selene’s brother, the ambitious and ruthless Desmond, accompanied by a band of mercenary thugs, attacks Selene’s home. In the confusion Luna escapes with only the stable-boy as a companion. Selene’s fate is unknown; when last seen, she was engaged with Desmond in a duel of sorcerous power.

Luna wanders, meets friends and enemies, finds a home of sorts at the University of Suruat, and eventually goes to Myrrha to meet her father and ask the details of their past.

She realizes while the king is glad to meet her again, the queen suspects that she is come to supplant her children as heirs to the throne. Before any of this can be resolved, a sinister plot is revealed: Desmond has infiltrated the castle and attacks, taking the palace by surprise. Luna gets the queen and her children out of the castle and gets them out of the kingdom. After many adventures, she succeeds in getting them to her friends at the University of Suruat, and incidentally succeeds in winning the queens trust.

What next? The royal heirs and their mother will probably be safest under the protection of the Eromic Emperor. So it’s up to Luna to get them safely to Erom. However, she is told, there have been sinister sorts making inquiries about her and the royals.

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